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So…sorry about that! FilmNerds has been away for a while for a number of complicated and technical reasons, all of which are my fault. Thanks to the constant prodding and encouragement from my wife and the FilmNerds contributors, I finally did what I needed to do and rebuilt the site. As of today (Monday, October 5th), the FilmNerds Blog and the FilmNerds Forum are both back up and fully operational with the podcast and the rest of the site to follow later this week (I’ll keep you updated).

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ZombielandWeekend Box Office Results

1. Zombieland – $25M
2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – $16.7M ($82M total)
3. Toy Story/Toy Story 2 (3D) – $12.5M
4. The Invention of Lying – $7.3M
5. Surrogates – $7.3M ($26.3M total)

Breakdown: As much as we at FilmNerds love our zombie movies, we can readily admit that they aren’t usually known for being box office gold. Zombieland picked up strong buzz early in the year and ran a slick, funny ad campaign that all resulted in the second-best opening weekend for any zombie movie EVER, falling just short of Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake. The kiddie market ruled the weekend in most theaters with Sony’s Meatballs and Disney’s 3D double-feature re-release of the first two Toy Story movies holding down the second and third spots. Ricky Gervais’ feature directorial debut The Invention of Lying drew very middling numbers but could actually benefit from the controversy it’s beginning to receive from the ill-informed rabble rousers. Don’t give up on it just yet. Majorly disappointing weekends for Drew Barrymore’s Whip It and Michael Moore’s latest documentary Capitalism: A Love Story. I don’t guess that really bothers Moore though, since he hates money so much anyway…

News Item of the Week

I’ve been reading about Paranormal Activity for a while now, the latest gimmick-driven, low-budget horror flick to make waves in mainstream circuit (and by mainstream, I mean people who weren’t excited about seeing Midnight Meat Train). According to a blog post this week from Deadline Hollywood Daily, the $11,000 horror flick will be getting a wide release this coming weekend after blowing the doors off a limited release in 12 college towns last weekend. When it comes to horror, my standards for being impressed are probably a little too low, if only because the genre is so filled to the brim with terrible films made by unskilled filmmakers. Horror films don’t need to be brilliantly written (though it’s nice when they are). They just need to be scary. Sometimes, a creative and well-executed gimmick is all you need to make a movie really scary (as I’ll discuss in my DVD review of [REC] later this week.