INTERVIEW with Producer Lynda Obst

Recently, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to sit down with veteran movie and television producer Lynda Obst. She was in New York to promote her new book Sleepless in Hollywood. The book looks at the many ways in which Hollywood has changed and continues to change; the growing importance of China as both an audience and financier, the disappearance of the DVD business, the migration of top-talent actors and writers to television and much more.

Obst produced such hits as Sleepless in Seattle, Hope Floats, and Contact, along with with the popular TV series Hot in Cleaveland.

Her biggest hit yet may be her next movie: the Christopher Nolan-helmed sci-fi adventure Interstellar, set to be released in 2014. Steven Spielberg was attached as the project’s director for a number of years.

I talked to Obst about a wide range of topics: from her candid feelings regarding screenwriter Joe Ezsterhas to the how difficult it is to make a movie known as a “one-off,” i.e. one that isn’t a sequel or reboot.