The List of Lists

“We’re all going to die some day.”

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The morbid thought above is what motivated me to start using my IMDb app to log every single movie I’d like to see from every year that cinema has existed. This was two years ago, and after hopping over to Letterboxd to house my myriad of “To See” lists, I’ve found myself on the opposite end of an embarrassing mountain of movie-related lists that cover blind spots, annual favorites, film series, and directors.

As of today, I have 3,238 film in my Letterboxd Watchlist. There are plenty of shorts in there, so let’s say that the average film duration in that Watchlist is 90 minutes. That makes 4,857 hours of viewing time, which breaks down to about 203 days. That means if I watched nothing but movies from my Watchlist all weekend long, every weekend, I’d have my list viewed in its entirety by 2020… A completed Watchlist, a broken marriage, a failed career, and probably some sort of heart disorder. So I suppose my realistic expectation is that I’ll never get to watch all these movies before I die… and that’s okay. It’s okay because they’re in a list, and when something is in a list, it’s real, it’s accounted for, and it’s attainable.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed wasting mental energy by listing things, especially movies. It’s how my brain works, I suppose. And with the internet and a smart phone, it’s easier than ever to get down my thoughts on digital paper. Having a place where I can easily pull up every movie I’d ever like to see gives me a weird sense of comfort. Knowing that I have documented my opinion on the filmography of a given auteur filmmaker puts me at ease.

With all that said, I present The List of Lists, a comprehensive collection of every single opinion I have about every single movie ever made. If I’ve seen it, it’s ranked by year and in some cases, director or film series. If I haven’t seen it, but want to, it is alphabetically organized by year. If I haven’t seen it and either I don’t want to see it or I don’t know it exists, it’s not on any of these lists. This idea was given to me by my friend Franco, who is surely disturbed by the obsessive girth of my creation.


Time to get started on your own… before it’s too late.