Film Nerds Unlimited: Issue 1 – Summer Movie Seasons / The Force Awakens Trailer

fnu_logoGreetings, Nerds!

Welcome to Film Nerds Unlimited, a brand new podcast series from the FilmNerds crew in which we discuss, argue about, and rant with each other on the movie-related topics that we’ve been thinking about lately.

What, you may be asking, makes it different than our previous podcasting ventures? Well, for one thing, we’re doing it!

Thanks in large part to the efforts and enthusiasm of Ben Stark, we hope to be bringing you new episodes on the regular, starting with this week’s launch which features TWO full episodes out of the gate!

In the debut “issue” of our new Film Nerds Unlimited podcast series, Ben Stark and Matt Scalici discuss their favorite and least favorite summer movie seasons. Later in the show, Graham Flanagan joins in to give his reaction to the latest teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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