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Shelf of Shame: Comedy Edition – Withnail & I (1987)

Shelf of Shame Comedy

WITHNAIL & I (1987) Bruce Robinson’s crudely shot but deeply personal meditation on friendship and alcoholism follows a pair of unemployed actors living in squalor and taking an impromptu trip to the English countryside to continue an ongoing avoidance of any actual responsibility. Richard E. Grant (in his film debut) stars as the troubled and self-absorbed Withnail with an at-first […]

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Shelf of Shame: Comedy Edition – Midnight Run (1988)

MIDNIGHT RUN (1988) Martin Brest’s road action/comedy marks the first essential film in this 10-part comedy series thanks to a deft script loaded with memorable action and dialogue delivered by pros in their absolute primes. Robert De Niro obviously still had about a decade of brilliant work in him, this on the cusp of “Goodfellas” and “Awakenings.” As no-nonsense, world-weary […]

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Gordon Willis, 1931-2014

Arguably the greatest cinematographer ever, Gordon Willis passed away at 82 on Sunday. He shot the entire “Godfather” trilogy, “All the President’s Men” and every Woody Allen movie from 1977-1985, a run that included “Annie Hall” and perhaps his greatest work “Manhattan” (above). Read this tribute and take a look at some of my favorite Willis images.

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11 truly tremendous moments in movie music in 2013 (audio)

The 2013 film year didn’t disappoint, and neither did its soundtracks featuring beautifully composed original scores and brilliantly chosen songs to accompany the films. Take a look back at some of the shrewdest choices the filmmakers made and the unexpected collaborations between them and many of the best composers in Hollywood, including the likes of Hans Zimmer and Cliff Martinez. […]

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