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Film Nerds Unlimited: Issue 120 – The Fast Eddie Felson Movies (Shelf of Shame)

Ben Stark had some time to knock a few classics off of his Shelf of Shame and recruited Franco Asmaeil to help him discuss Robert Rossen’s The Hustler and Martin Scorsese’s The Color of Money, which tell the story of pool shark Fast Eddie Felson, possibly Paul Newman’s greatest on-screen character. Share your thoughts with us on the Film Nerds Facebook page! Please be sure to subscribe […]

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Film Nerds Unlimited: Issue 116 – The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Shelf of Shame)

Craig Hamilton and Morgan Gargis get together to discuss a classic film that sat on both of their Shelves of Shame: John Ford’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, the 1962 Western that is legendary for a number of reasons, including its all-star pairing of John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. Did the guys like it as much as they SHOULD have? […]

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Film Nerds Unlimited: Issue 45 – On the Waterfront (Spoilers)

Ben Stark continues his journey through his 2015 Shelf of Shame with Elia Kazan’s classic, On the Waterfront. Tune in as he discusses the film with Craig Hamilton. Topics covered include the film’s legendary performance(s), Leonard Bernstein’s score, the movie’s Oscar scorecard, and other notable Kazan works. Make sure to subscribe to our brand new podcast on iTunes or listen in […]

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Shelf of Shame: Comedy Edition – Withnail & I (1987)

Shelf of Shame Comedy

WITHNAIL & I (1987) Bruce Robinson’s crudely shot but deeply personal meditation on friendship and alcoholism follows a pair of unemployed actors living in squalor and taking an impromptu trip to the English countryside to continue an ongoing avoidance of any actual responsibility. Richard E. Grant (in his film debut) stars as the troubled and self-absorbed Withnail with an at-first […]

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Shelf of Shame: Comedy Edition – Midnight Run (1988)

MIDNIGHT RUN (1988) Martin Brest’s road action/comedy marks the first essential film in this 10-part comedy series thanks to a deft script loaded with memorable action and dialogue delivered by pros in their absolute primes. Robert De Niro obviously still had about a decade of brilliant work in him, this on the cusp of “Goodfellas” and “Awakenings.” As no-nonsense, world-weary […]

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Shelf of Shame: Comedy Edition – Silver Streak (1976)

SILVER STREAK (1976) Fun action/comedy blending exciting set pieces. Mostly a showcase for Gene Wilder, especially during the first hour when it goes for more of a Hitchcockian vibe. Richard Pryor only comes more than an hour into it, when it drifts almost entirely into pure action territory. Hops from light romance to mistaken identity thriller to disaster movie blockbuster […]

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